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Sewer Jetting

Sewer Jetting

One of the many services we offer our clients here at John W Phillips Plumbing is sewer jetting. [MDC Mechanical Drain Cleaner (eel)]

To help you understand how we serve our clients in this area, we’ve created this webpage to give you a rough idea of just what it is that we do here at John W Phillips Plumbing.

What exactly is sewer jetting?

Sewer jetting involves the use of a high powered pressure washer to force a powerful stream of water into a clogged sewer or drain. This is effective in accomplishing the following things:

  • Removing any blockage too far to be reached by hand
  • Breaking apart clogs of debris
  • Cleaning the inside of pipes
  • MDC Mechanical Drain Cleaner (eel)

Why is this necessary?

This is a service that most people will need to have done on the pipes in their residence or commercial/industrial building at some point. Debris from washing hands or dishes, pouring waste down the drain or really any other activity involving your sink, often builds up and creates a layer of gunk inside the pipe.

Over time, this layer builds until the pipe is either partially or entirely blocked by debris. This can often create a foul odour and also make way for a situation that is not ideal for the health and efficiency of the plumbing system.

Sewer jetting effectively forces the debris out of the pipe in a way that normal water flow will not.

Why John W Phillips Plumbing?

Here at John W Phillips Plumbing, we are trained experts in the area of sewer and pipe jetting. It is important that this task is done by professionals with experience and you couldn’t describe our team of nine experts any better than that.

We’ve been providing plumbing and drainage services to the residents and commercial/industrial entities of the Maitland area for several years now. We’ve served hundreds of clients and unclogged thousands of clogged drains, making us the go-to experts in this area.

No signs of trouble yet? Give us a call anyway!

Just because you’re not noticing any clogging of your drain right now doesn’t mean it’s not happening. These issues rarely appear overnight but rather occur over a period of weeks, even months.

Here at John W Phillips Plumbing, we believe that prevention is the number one way to deal with any plumbing issue. Instead of waiting until the issue becomes prevalent and must be dealt with immediately, give us a call and allow our sewer/pipe jetting experts to perform regular maintenance on your facilities.

We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the same level of quality that we’ve been providing all of our other clients with for years!

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sewer jetting
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